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EcoHouse Group Still Dominating Minha Casa Minha Vida in Brazil

Property giant EcoHouse Group are taking the Brazilian affordable housing market by storm and in the past 4 years have launched more Minha Casa Minha Vida housing projects than any other developer involved in the programme. The company has a

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Goiania In Need of Affordable Housing, Will EcoHouse Group Provide It?

Because of it’s size to population ratio Goiania is another city crying out for more a affordable housing. Back in 2009 the government did launch the minha casa minha vida (my house my life) programme and many developers decided to

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EcoHouse Group Leading the Way in the Construction of Affordable Housing in Brazil

EcoHouse Group are an award winning Anglo-Brazilian developer currently involved in a multi-million pound project to develop and improve upon the infrastructure of Brazil, which includes the provision of social housing to get millions of middle class Brazilian families out of poverty and homelessness. The government Minha casa minha vida project, which translates into ‘my house, my life’, is one of many social reform projects being backed by the government. EcoHouse is scheduled to build thousands of new and affordable homes across Brazil over the coming years.

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