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Why Using a Professional and Qualified Locksmith is Important

Believe it or not here in the UK the locksmith industry as a whole is not regulated in any way by the Government, Police or an official regulatory body.  Unfortunately this does mean that anyone can operate as a locksmith

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Bullying double glazing salesman warned off by Bristol police

A double glazing salesman has been warned not to contact a Bristol customer after claimed he was inundated with unwanted phone calls. Wayne Donnelly said a sales agent from Safestyle repeatedly called him when he did not accept his quote

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Better Protection Against the Elements for your Timber Panel Fencing

It’s a job nobody likes or even wants to do, but it’s one of those boring, tedious and time consuming jobs that is a necessity for anyone wanting to increase the lifespan of their timber panel fencing. Of course I’m

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Modern Conservatories and their Construction

A conservatory is basically a glass house that can be used for a great deal of  purposes. Many residents in the UK love the outward appearance of conservatories and have been able to incorporate conservatories into the designs of their

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Liverpool Fencing Company Stresses the Importance of Fencing Maintenance

With the summer months finally out of the way and winter looming over us once again, it’s now time to prepare your timber panel fencing for the harsh winter weather ahead. Bad weather, rain, snow, sleet, hail and strong winds

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Don’t Move, Improve, Why More People are choosing this option

Times have changed in recent years, mainly due to the global recession and the economic downturn which has amongst other things crippled the housing market here in the United Kingdom. Prior to this downturn statistics showed that on average UK

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