The Illegal dumping of waste, more commonly known as fly tipping, is the disposal of household or business waste illegally as an alternative to using an authorised legal method such as collection by the council, collection by an independent licensed waste management company and using a skip hire company to drop off a skip and then collect it again once it’s been filled

Tipping an old cooker or washing machine, an old mattress, unwanted or broken electrical items or even bags full of household waste or old clothing in the street or in local fields causes a nuisance and can make a beautiful area look ugly and run down when it isn’t which can essential bring down house prices in the area, then there is the smell and the risk of disease carried by rats and other vermin, in fact no good comes from fly tipping yet in the North of England especially around Accrington and Haslingden the problem is getting worse year on year.

In fact unregulated and illegal rubbish disposal can be dangerous to the public and the local wildlife too; particularly if the waste that is being dumped contains toxic materials or asbestos. There could also be a risk of damage to watercourses and soil quality from the dumped waste effecting farmers and their land.

Why Ruin Your Own Area By Flying Tipping In It?

So a question often asked is why someone would fly tip in their own area basically sullying it and making it look run down and unattractive. The short answer is that a majority of these people and businesses are not aware that they are fly tipping and here’s why.

What happens is that they look for cheap rubbish removal online and of course go for the cheapest like everyone seems to do nowadays, the cheapest usually being a man with a van with no waste carriers licence and the question I ask people who choose the cheap option is “where did you think your waste was going to end up?” to be honest you’d have to be very naive to think that your waste was being disposed of property and legally.

To tackle the ongoing problem of fly tipping and to discourage people from using the cheap option local councils all across Lancashire and Greater Manchester have started to go after the owners of the rubbish found dumped rather than the people who actually dumped it and during July and August 2018 local councils have tracked down and prosecuted dozen of people for illegal fly tipping, all the council needs to find is an old letter or old utility bill to track down the owner of the rubbish, having said that one Blackburn couple where tracked down and fined when police used a serial number off an old TV, The TV had been registered  suing their name and address as part of the guarantee.

What many people don’t realise is that fly-tipping is a very serious criminal offence for which you will be prosecuted. The courts now have new powers available to them to tackle the growing fly-tipping problem including issuing fines of up to £50,000 orders to pay costs for the proper disposal and even imprisonment for repeat offenders.

So How Should You Dispose of Your Waste?

There are lots of legal ways to dispose of waste and unwanted items, people replying to cheap rubbish removal ads found on  facebook, gumtree etc are simply being lazy and are not even saving that much in the process.

There are lost of genuine rubbish removal companies in Lancashire and Greater Manchester and sometimes it’s cheaper and easier to call a skip hire company where you know that all the appropriate licences are in place. If you are looking for a skip hire company, recycling company or waste removal company is your area then visit a directory of fully vetted and licensed companies from all over the UK.