Everybody wants more customers and everybody wants to grow their business or course having a good product or service helps a great deal and keeps customers returning and new customers finding out about you what you offer, but what about when your competitors product or service is on an equal pegging to yours and you don’t want get caught up in a price war where each party keeps reducing the cost of their product or service to a point where it is unsustainable and profit margins are adversely effected?

Price wars may be a good idea for large supermarkets and department stores turning over 100’s of millions each year. Large supermarkets can still survive financially when their profit margin on a certain product is reduced to only a few pence because people seldom buy a single product from a supermarket and the other items in their shopping basket or trolley may have a very good profit on return. On occasion – to get people through the door – supermarkets will even sell a product for less than they purchased it wholesale, unbelievable but true, these are known as loss leaders.

However, for many niches, reducing the price of products and services can greatly reduce the quality of the service or product which is something customers don’t want, sure, everyone wants a bargain or wants something for less but very few people want to compromise on the quality of the product or service.

This very scenario happened in the web design industry a few years ago when cut priced web design agencies started popping up everywhere offering cheap web site design through the use of templates or drag and drop web design software. This forced some professional web designers, who had dominated the industry since the birth of the internet to reduce there prices to match the amateur cut priced web designer, of course something had to suffer and that was the quality of work with many professional web designers opting for templates and open source platforms rather than using bespoke code like they used to use. The few who refused to reduce their fees struggled for a while but eventually, after trying the cut priced templates offered by others, clients came back because they wanted quality web design and didn’t mind paying a premium for it. Now in the web design industry the portfolio is the number one advertising medium so this is where clients tend to look when deciding whether to use your services but if you are a high street store trying to complete with competitors you need to attract clients to your superior products or services in another way and this is where advertising banners and pavement board advertising comes into play.

You may have the perfect product or the ideal service for people but don’t simply want to sell your product or service for cheap just because a competitor is selling their own inferior product or service for a lower price. You need advertise your products or services and the best way for a high street store to do this is be advertising to passers by.

Advertising Banners and Their Uses

Advertising Banners are great for advertising a one off sale or event because, thanks to low cost digital printing reducing the overall cost of banner printing they are now very affordable, even for new businesses with relatively small budgets. Low cost digital printing has also reduced the cost of everyday business items such as Business Cards, Leaflets and Flyers and Brochures. When you are updating or replacing your shop front sign you are stuck with the dimensions of your property, if the front of your shop, store or office is 14 feet across then that’s the size of signage that you need, but you can get banners in whatever size you like. Banners come is all sizes from small 6 foot by 1 foot banners to very large 12 foot high banners.

Shop Front Signs Bolton

Advertising Banners are not restricted to being positioned outside of your premises either, they can be positioned anywhere, even way across town and can be placed almost anywhere, depending one your local councils rules and regulations, so you can place banners where your towns highest foot traffic is or if you have gone for a large banner you can hang it at the side of the busiest roads or at the side of roads that are notorious for traffic congestion giving bored drivers ample time to take in your advert.

The Benefit of Pavement Board Advertising

Pavement Board Advertising has been around for years and can be very effective in attracting passers by to your business. Shop front signs are a necessity but the problem is that they are not at the eye level of pedestrians and a potential customer can walk right past your shop or office without even realising that you offer the service or sell the product that they are looking for.

Pavement boards come in all shapes and sizes too, from A boards – the type that unfolds into a letter A shape, to swinging pavement boards, they are very robust too and unlike banners they are designed to last for many years, they are portable so can be positioned anywhere on the pavement outside of your business and then taken inside when you close up in the evening, this keeps the signs looking good for many years because they are not under attack by the elements 24 hours a day, just during business hours

In Summary

Don’t simply reduce the cost of your products of services simply to compete with others who might be selling inferior products of services. If you have a good product of service people will pay what it is worth, you just need to advertise and the best way for a high street shop to do this is through Pavement Signs and Banners