CCTV Systems where once merely a luxury enjoyed by the rich and famous or installed in high turnover businesses to protect stock and assets, you never ever saw a CCTV System installed in your basic 3 bedroom semi or 2 bedroom terraced house, but times have changed and now CCTV is affordable for all.

CCTV may be more affordable nowadays but do you really need it in a standard run of the mill home? I’d say yes, certainly, because not only does CCTV protect and safeguard your home and belongings but gives people great piece of mind when they are away on holiday or away on a business trip and leaving an empty house or apartment behind.

There are also more and more insurance companies giving discounts to people who have approved CCTV systems installed due to the fact that not only is CCTV a visual deterrent but with 24/7 mobile phone monitoring more and more people are keeping an eye on their homes whilst away and alerting the authorities or their friends and family at the fist sign of trouble.

What is the best CCTV System to Install?

There are many CCTV systems on the market and the consumer group which do a great guide if you are looking for advice and guidance. You may want to go down the DIY route and find, buy and install your own state of the art CCTV system but for this you will need to do a lot of research into the different systems available to you. Do you want a wired or a completely wireless system? Do you need indoor and outdoor weatherproof cameras? Do you need infrared or night vision and which of these are best? Do you need a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to record footage, what size hard drive will you need in your DVR?

Another option is to use a professional approved CCTV installer who can give you guidance and advice based on your budget, your needs and requirement, the size or your house and even your lifestyle, things like how often you are away from home does matter . Using a professional CCTV installer is advised so you get the job done professionally and properly and get a recognised certificate for your insurance company.

What Are IP CCTV Systems

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IP CCTV systems are simple CCTV cameras that use your network or broadband router to send live images and video to any device with access such as your computer, laptop, tablet and even your mobile phone, allowing you to access the footage over the internet or via a 4G signal from any location anywhere in the world. Essentially you can view your living room, driveway or back garden from the beach in Barbados or a cafe in Rome.

CCTV Systems are nothing new but have recently become more advanced and more affordable to the general public, with many offering 720 or 1080p resolution images at no extra cost.

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