Nobody wants to get that late night phone call informing them that their premises has been broken into or vandalised but unfortunately it does happen and when it does you need to get your premises boarded up fast and as a cheaply as possible.

So what should you expect from a boarding up service in Nottingham? What you want from a boarding up service is someone who is reliable, local and is not out to milk you out of every penny they can.

Unfortunately the boarding up industry is one of those totally unregulated industries much like rubbish removal where you have a few genuine companies and then dozens of cowboy’s who will pick up your rubbish and simple fly tip it a few miles away and its a very similar situation with the boarding up industry in that there are a select number of genuine 24 hour emergency call out boarding up companies and literally hundreds of individuals moonlighting as boarding up companies.

In the past the cowboys used to run small classified in local newspapers so where generally easy to spot, but with the rise of the free DIY website builders online these cowboys have moved into the digital age and unfortunately not everyone can spot the free DIY websites so many have fallen victim to these unscrupulous amateurs.

So what is the problem with using a cowboy?

Some people might say that boarding up is boarding up and whether it’s a professional company or a cowboy it’s still the same job… But this could not be farther from the truth.

First of all the cost will differ immensely because a genuine company will usually give an estimate over the phone based on the number of windows/doors and your best guess at the sizes and as long as your sizes are not way out then the estimate will generally be spot on, remember these are professionals who board up for a living so they will know the costs.

With the cowboy you will probably get the dreaded “It will be about….” type of quotation that sounds way cheaper than the quotation you got off the professional company, however,  once on site you’ll get the usual hidden charges added on, fuel, call out charge, night rate and end up paying two or even three time as much as the original quote making the cowboy more expensive than the professional.

Secondly, the professional will use specialised tools, clamps and premium board, and will secure your premises properly without damaging any window or door frames. A cowboy, however will more often than not turn up with a flatbed full of scraps of wood and a nail gun and cause more damage than the vandals or thieves did.

In summary, It’s not just boarding up..  It’s a professional service that needs a professional company just like most businesses and if you’re looking for professional boarding up in and around Nottingham, Derby and throughout Amber Valley then give MAB Locksmiths a call.. or visit them online