Alfreton Locksmiths Advertising Non Destructive Entry

We see many 24 Hour Alfreton locksmiths advertising their services on the internet, some small, some large companies too and we often see the term ‘non destructive entry ‘used on websites and on marketing material, but what is the significance of this term and what is the a reason it is used prominently on locksmith websites, pay per click ads and other marketing material?

Firstly, let have an overview of the locksmith industry as a whole. Even though there are a number of locksmith training centres in the UK, some City and Guilds locksmith training courses and other private training course and accreditation’s the locksmith industry as a whole is completely unregulated, meaning that you are breaking no laws advertising as a locksmith even through you have no training of experience.

There are many Alfreton locksmith advertising online who have done little more than watch a series of youtube ‘how to’ videos then bought some locksmith tools off ebay and as this started happening more and more often the genuine professionally trained locksmiths needed something to differentiate themselves from these ‘have a go’ amateurs.

First course of action was to illustrate the fact that they had been professionally trained by mentioning the training centre who trained them and of course displaying voluntary accreditation logos on their websites.

As the report of ‘bad locksmiths in Alfreton’ started to get posted in online forums and on social media sites a pattern emerged, that pattern and the main reason for most bad reviews was that the locksmith had turned up with a hammer a chisel and a drill and had caused a massive amount of damage when attempting to gain entry to someone’s home or business after they had been locked out.

A professional locksmith has been fully trained to gain non destructive entry whenever possible and will always attempt to pick a lock before getting out the tools, even then they will be specialised tools designed to damage the barrel only and nothing else. Skills like these cannot be learned by watching youtube videos which is why having ‘Non Destructive Entry’ on a website or advertisement means that you are in fact a genuine professionally trained locksmith.

What about National Locksmith Call Centres?

There is a misunderstanding as to what national locksmith call centres actually are, many people incorrectly think that they are large locksmith companies with national coverage which simply isn’t true. When you call a national call centre you are simple calling a call centre where the operator will take your details and pass it onto the nearest locksmith on their books.

This is where the problem lies, as the only criteria to be on a locksmith call centres books is to pay your monthly or annual fee and a parentage of what you earn from the jobs they send you so you find many of the amateur have a go locksmiths we mentioned earlier on national call centre books.

MAB Locksmiths offer a 24 hour emergency callout locksmith services throughout the region and cover  Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Alfreton, Belper, Ripley, Ashbourne, Matlock and throughout Amber Valley.

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2 comments on “Alfreton Locksmiths Advertising Non Destructive Entry
  1. I could not have put this better myself, definitely written by a locksmith who knows the industry… same thing happens all the time up here in the North North around Leigh, Worsley & Swinton.. Lots of ‘have a go’ locksmiths who learned by watching Youtube videos

  2. Great article, really hits a nerve when you talk about the regulation and all the amateur locksmiths with little or no skill.. we are based in Worsley, Greater Manchester and I know that there are only a handful or genuine professional locksmiths covering the area yet these call centre claim to have dozens on their books….. its scandalous

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