Locksmiths and Security

It can be difficult to find a genuine and trustworthy locksmith in Taunton or  Barnstaple as it is one of those easy to set up industries that requires very little knowledge to set up and get by and the industry does not have any official regulation here in the UK.  Many people and businesses have fallen victim to amateur locksmiths and so called security experst, some without even knowing.

Remember a locksmith requires no premises as most, even the highly skilled professionals, work from home and are mobile, trading mainly from their vehicle, you don’t even need a van as a car will do if your just working as a locksmith and not cutting keys etc.  Also, locksmith ‘tool kits’ can be purchased online, by anyone…

 So how to you sort the amateurs from the professionals.

It is not easy to find a professional locksmith or security expert as…

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