Responsibilities of an Emergency Locksmith in Nottingham

The modern locksmith is more than just someone you call out when you are locked out of your home or office, in fact the modern locksmith covers a whole range of locksmith and security related services that most people are simply not aware of.


These additional services range from boarding up windows and doors after a break in or vandalism, to fitting burglar alarms and security lighting to make your home or business premises more secure and give you piece of mind when you are away on business or away on holiday. Other service that some locksmith offer include security advice and assessments for businesses or private homes, CCTV system installation and repair, door entry systems, mobile key cutting and more…

Many years ago before the internet revolution when only the largest and wealthiest corporations companies had web sites; it was difficult to get across what services a small to medium sized company or business actually offered. In those days companies had leaflets printed and distributed, advertised in local newspapers of took out ads and listings in the now obsolete directories such as Yellow Pages, Thomson local and the Phone Book. Nowadays you can reach a lot more people for less money by using the internet and social media, companies advertising budgets have been slashed and its now and even playing field across the board that is if you have a website.

Every company operating in the UK, even a small local locksmith, needs a website, not only to show the range of services he or she offers but to prove that they are in fact the real deal, fully trained and vetted and competitively priced.

It’s a little known fact that the locksmith industry here in the UK is totally unregulated, meaning that anybody can set themselves up as a locksmith and start trading, not licence or certification is required.

You would think that every locksmith would have taken some form of training but believe it or not there are some locksmiths advertising their services online that have undertaken no training at all and have simply watched YouTube “How To” videos. So how do you avoid these cowboys?

The company website is a good starting point, the worst of these cowboys wont even have a website and will operate via Facebook page, avoid these at all costs.. Then there are the DIY website locksmiths, remember these cowboys won’t pay for a training course so aren’t likely to pay for a professionally design website… DIY website should be easy enough to spot they’ll be poorly design and have limited functionality..

If you find a decent Locksmith in Nottingham who has a professionally designed website you’re almost there, now you need to look for accreditation and training logos, look at there services, see if they offer a full range as cowboys usually just offer general locksmith services such as gaining entry ( anyone can break a lock, a professional locksmith will pick it). Hopefully by now you will have filtered out all the cowboys and found yourself a professional locksmith

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2 comments on “Responsibilities of an Emergency Locksmith in Nottingham
  1. As a professional locksmith I can relate to this article and do find it frustrating that people are simply watching Youtube videos and touting for work… Thing is, they always do a bad job which gives locksmths in general a bad name

  2. Some good advice here… As professional locksmith also covering Nottingham, Peterborough, Bourne, Leicester and Kettering we agree 100%.. There are just too many of these ‘have a go’ amateurs giving the industry a bad name

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