Natal in Rio Grande do Norte is where the Brazilian offices of property giant EcoHouse Group are situated, EcoHouse Group are the Anglo-Brazilian developer making waves in Brazil a the moment by dominating the Brazilian affordable housing market with their Minha Casa Minha Vida developments are the unique way they raise funds.

Many smaller developers are unhappy with EcoHouse’s grip on the market and have over the past year or so tried to cause trouble by putting up fake news websites stating that EcoHouse is a Scam or that EcoHouse has closed it offices and ‘done a runner’ from Brazil. It’s actually quite funny when you consider these are meant to be legitimate construction companies.

EcoHouse did recently close it’s office in Singapore, An office that was only open to raise investment in the country for one of its developments, with investment now closed and the company focusing of construction this move was welcomed by many who found that dealing with local branches difficult when trying to get up to date information on new and current projects.

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