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EcoHouse Group Proud of Their Multilingual Employees

Property giant EcoHouse Group is a true multilingual compnay, not only is the company founder and CEO Anthony Armstrong Emery fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Married to a native Brazilian woman but many of the companies 1000 strong workforce

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Property Giant EcoHouse Group Fighting Illiteracy In Brazil

Judging by the country’s current GDP, Brazil nowadays is one of the world’s half-dozen most important economies. In fact, currently the country and the United Kingdom are competing for sixth place. During the last two years or so, sometimes one

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Neymar fit for Brazil’s World Cup quarter-final with Colombia

Neymar has declared himself fit and ready to lead Brazil against Colombia in the World Cup quarter-finals on Friday. Neymar scored the winning penalty against Chile last week, but was battered and bruised by the end of the second-round match in Belo

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Manchester Home Improvements

Manchester Home Improvements