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21St Century Stranded Assets

Al Gore has suggested that “stranded carbon assets” such as coal mines, fossil fuel power stations and petrol-fuelled vehicle plants may represent at least $7tn on the books of publicly listed companies (The Wall Street Journal, 2013). But what is

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Investment Boost For Northern Brazil

In 2009 the World Bank Group launched an innovative investment climate project in northern Brazil. The focus for the new approach was on the two border states of Pernambuco and Para. When fully up and running the programme will involve

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When Opportunity Calls

“What do you do when the phone rings?” It’s a question I get asked often. My answer is that if I’m sitting at my desk, unless I’m in the middle of a conversation, I answer it. I’ve discovered a lot

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Brazilian Property Market Holding Strong in 2014

Brazilian property is not expected to see any huge fall in price over the course of this year, in spite of the fact that political turbulence remains a problem throughout the nation. It will be a bonus for property and

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Brazil Invests in new air traffic technology ready for the World Cup and Olympics

In the run up to the FIFA World Cup this summer, and the Rio Olympics in 2016, SITA is working with the Comissão de Implantação do Sistema de Controle do Espaço Aéreo (CISCEA) in its drive to improve Brazil’s air

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After the success of the minha casa minha vida housing scheme Brazil now Invests In Space

One of the fastest growing investment opportunities for Brazil these days is something many people find surprising. The subject or commodity in question is simply…space. No, that doesn’t mean the huge expanses of the Universe beyond our planet but rather

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Real Estate Investors Help Neighborhood

Just like anything that can make money you will have scam artists that make the entire real estate market harder to navigate for buyers, sellers, and investors alike. But since the housing slump these con-men have given the entire industry

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Manchester Home Improvements

Manchester Home Improvements