As progress is now swift on our current MCMV projects we are working hard on bringing other projects to market. We will be able to let you know shortly about our next two projects, one of 1900 units and one of 450. Both of these will be in Porto Alegre which is the fourth largest metropolis in Brazil and the Brazilian home of such industrial giants as Pirelli and General Motors. Our projects are in prime location for the workers in these and other factories.

Facts about Porto Alegre

  1. Porto Alegre is the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil.
  2. Rio Grande do Sul is the fourth richest state in Brazil.

Only Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais have higher GDP.

  1. Home to two world championship-winning football teams.

The Gauchos (people of Rio Grande do Sul) are as fanatical as any Brazilians about football.  Gremio, of Porto Alegre, won the Intercontinental Cup in 1983 with a 2-1 win over Hamburg, whilst more recently, in 2006, their city rivals Internacional beat Barcelona 1-0 to win the renamed World Club Championship.

  1. Tenth most populated city in the country

According to the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics, Porto Alegre had a population of 1,409,939 in 2010, which is more than any UK city outside London.

  1. Fourth largest metropolitan area

As of 2009, the Porto Alegre metropolitan area had a population of 4,200,413.  Only the metropolitan areas of Sao Paulo, Rio and Belo Horizonte had higher populations.

  1. Formed the de facto independent Republica Riograndense between 1836 and 1845

In protest against perceived unfair taxes, a group of rebels known as the farrapos (‘rags’) rose up against the government, forcing the state president to leave Porto Alegre.  Their leader, Antônio de Souza Netto declared independence in 1836, which was only recognised by Uruguay.  In 1845, a peace treaty was signed which granted a full amnesty for the rebels and saw the Brazilian government pay off all debt to the Republica Riograndese in exchange for its reincoroporation into Brazil.

  1. 77.7% of the population is of European ancestry

The first Europeans to arrive in Porto Alegre were Portuguese colonialists from the Azores in the 1700s, however these arrivals were eclipsed by German and Italian immigrants who arrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and now form the largest immigrant communities in the city.  Additionally, African descendants make up 12.7% of the population whilst those with indigenous ancestry comprise 9.6%.

  1. One of the chief industrial and commercial centres of Brazil

Leading companies such as General Motors and Dell Computers have set up Brazilian plants in Porto Alegre and surrounding areas.

  1. 95.76% literacy rate

This makes Rio Grande do Sul the state with the fourth highest literacy rate in Brazil, behind Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  However still ahead of Portugal.

  1. GDP of Paraguay and Uruguay combined

Porto Alegre’s GDP is over R$30 billion, making it the 7th largest regional economy in Brazil.

  1. Coldest state of Brazil

Rio Grande do Sul has a subtropical highland climate and has seen a record low temperature of −9.8°C.  However this doesn’t stop temperatures of over 37°C being a regular occurrence in summer!