When you are trying to lose weight, giving up some of your favourite foods can make the process seem so daunting and hard!

Instead of feeling restricted, try these easy food swaps which will leave you feeling satisfied, and like you are doing the right thing by your health!

1. Swap white bread for rye or Ezekiel bread.

Bread is one of life’s little indulgences, and I love a good loaf as much as anyone. However white bread contains very little nutritional goodness and is extremely processed and refined. Swap this out for a dense rye or sprouted Ezekiel which are more nutritious and you will feel more full and will have eaten more of your required intake of nutrients for the day.

2. Swap ice cream for homemade banana “ice cream”

Ice cream is full of sugar, fat and artificial flavours and preservatives. Swap this for a homemade banana “ice cream” (I make berry, chocolate, peanut butter and more – even with homemade topping) and you will save yourself unnecessary calories while still getting to indulge in a food you love!

PS to make homemade banana “ice cream” you only require a food processor or a really good blender!

3. Swap chips for homemade potato crisps

Oh no, another homemade swap! Making your own homemade potato chips may seem like a bit of a chore, but believe me it isn’t. Simply finely slice and place on a baking tray. Sprinkle a bit of seasalt and coconut oil (we like to add paprika and chilli for a little kick), place in the oven and voila! In about 20 mins you have delicious tasting and healthier potato chips.

Trust me, the effort you put into making them, will far outweigh the guilt you feel after you eat a bag of store bought chips!

4. Swap soft drink for Kombucha

Soft drinks are either full of sugar, or artificial sweeteners, both of which will affect your weight loss. It has been shown that artificial sweeteners actually make you crave sweeter foods, so while you may be saving the calories in the drink you will gain them elsewhere (plus artificial sweeteners are rubbish and who wants to put them into their body).

Kombucha whilst still containing naturally occurring sugars, it does contain probiotics and has been linked with having a history of health benefits like preventing and fighting cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.

5. Swap white pasta for wholegrain pasta or Quinoa pasta

I love white pasta and hate wholegrain pasta, there is something very cardboard like about the flavour and texture. But I would suffer eating it just so I could still eat my pasta. I was blown away when I found the power of the superfood Quinoa in pasta form and believe me it tastes great! Quinoa has so many benefits including it is protein rich, high in fibre and contains iron (amongst many other nutritional benefits).

For those of you who are super creative you can also make your own “pasta” with zucchini strips!

Losing weight and getting your health on track needn’t be a daunting task. By trying a couple of swaps you can easily cut calories and increase your nutritional intake. By making small changes each week and gradually getting yourself healthier you are more likely to stick with the regime long term, meaning no more yo-yo dieting!