Trends are going up everywhere as the New Year starts, but there are some things that don’t change. Granite is here to stay as it just keeps growing in popularity for its timeless beauty. The item may not change but the style does. There are different styles of granite worktops to consider for your kitchen. Here are the most popular picking on how to use your granite.

Waterfall Worktops

It is a worktop that covers both the top surface and continues to the floor, just like a waterfall. It adds depth and elegance to the room as it can catch lights in many different angles. It has an easy theme and can be adapted to any design scheme. This type of design is not just suitable for your kitchen, but also you bathroom. It will give your bathroom that splash of drama that most bathrooms need to stand out. Another benefit is that the worktop would be an additional protection for your cabinets.

Extra Thick Worktops

The widths of the worktops have been changing over the times but some home owners prefer having an extra thick worktop in their home. It gives the appearance of luxury, indulgence and class to the room it is placed in. An extra think worktop is 2 – 3 cm thinker than a standard worktop. Large rooms make a great setting for thicker worktops and are easier to install but it isn’t impossible to have it in a smaller room. They also work best as a centerpiece, such as an island or breakfast bar, as it would be the highlight of the room.

Different Edging

Most home owners overlook this part of their worktop; making the mistake of thinking it has not significance. There are different types of edging available to choose from and they all come in mind the safety of your family members. From the basic ‘straight’ edge to the complex ‘cove royal’, they add flavor and drama to your already amazing worktop.

These are just some of the latest trends going around in the New Year but we are sure there is still plenty more where that came from. We are here to keep you updated to whatever it new and cool.

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There is no stone as sturdy and as elegant as granite. That’s the reason it is used in 80% of construction areas and kitchen interiors.