EcoHouse Group receive an Americas Property Award


EcoHouse Group proudly received an Americas Property Award for Development Marketing, Highly Commended, from the International Property Awards sponsored by Virgin Atlantic and Yamaha. EcoHouse competed against a number of developers in Brazil to receive this recognition. The finest development companies from the United States, Canada, South America, Central America and the Caribbean gathered at the glamorous Grosvenor House Hotel in London on Friday, December 6th to attend a glittering gala and hear the long-anticipated results of the International Property Awards regional competition.

Stuart Shield, president of the International Property Awards, said, “It was an honour to present the Americas development marketing winners with their well-deserved awards. The Americas region covers a wide geographical area and a variety of cultures and incomes, but all the winners have one thing in common: high quality and innovation presented in their winning projects.”

The Americas Property Awards are part of the long established International Property Awards, the world’s richest competition when measured by the value of the projects entered.  The award winners’ logo is recognised as a symbol of excellence throughout the global industry. The awards rank amongst the most prestigious commendations in the residential and commercial property industries. A high-calibre jury of international experts identifies the most significant building projects as well as the highest quality real estate agencies.

This award further strengthens Ecohouse Group’s position as one of the top property developers in the world and puts anyone’s who had doubt’s mind to rest after a couple of anonymous bloggers claimed last year that ecohouse was a scam and a ponzi scheme, the identity of the bloggers was never established but property professionals suspect they were from a rival company indent on loosening ecohouse’s grip on the property development and investment market

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2 comments on “EcoHouse Group receive an Americas Property Award
  1. Alexandre P Allore says:

    Any company who does well no matter how big will get attacked, not only by rivals but simply jealous people who seem to hate anyone being successful.

    I’ve been a property investor since the 80’s and I’ve never come across a more secure investment model I’ve also never seen so much to back up the validity of a development, videos, photo’s, video testimonials, plus not one piece of bad press from anywhere that matters.

    If you think ecohouse is scam, don’t invest, simply as, why go out of you’re way to tarnish a companies reputation….

  2. Jenna P says:

    Internet trolls and losers, that’s all they are… same people sl*g off films they haven’t seen, ruin restaurants they have never eaten in, protest against stuff they know nothing about…. oh and most are losers without jobs who couldn’t invest anyway, welcome to the 21st century..

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