brazil_market_reportThis week property giant Ecohouse Group has made it’s Brazil Market Report 2013 free to all via their website

With not one but two world-class sporting events being hosted in Brazil over the next few years, all eyes will be focused on the country, and in turn, its property market will enjoy the benefit of being in the global spotlight.

With the 2014 Football World Cup being held across the country and the Rio de Janeiro Olympics just two years later, millions will travel to Brazil to enjoy its sporting events and experience its culture and billions more will get a taste of the country through in-depth television coverage.

Before a goal is scored or a medal won, an inevitable winner from the surge in spectators infrastructure and profile will be Brazil’s property industry. As the influential Latin American country has undergone rapid and far-reaching changes over the past decades and emerged as one of the so-called ‘BRIC’ nations, its economy has surged ahead and so haveproperty values.

Investors have been drawn to the heady combination of rapid economic growth, strong increases in land and
property values and returns on investment exceeding 20% per annum in some sectors.

Like many countries, Brazil has experienced some ups and downs since the 2007 global economic crash
and although Gross Domestic Product growth has slowed in recent years, it still offers strong potential for
property investment.

This report examines the history behind the large changes in Brazilian society, the overall performance of Brazil’s
economy, the variety of property investment opportunities available with some focus on the unique social housing
sector and what impact the World Cup and the Olympics are likely to have on the property sector.

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