There are an ever changing number of scenarios where you will find yourself with more household waste than your standard wheelie bins can handle so hiring a skip may seem like the most ideal resolution, before you hire a skip though, you should always look in to Skip Hire Regulations, which govern how you can use hired skips when placed on public roads or highways.

Skip hire regulations cover everything from road safety, to size and the amount of time you can leave the skip in its location. Failure to comply with skip hire regulations can leave you with a fine of up to 1000, so it is very important you read the laws which relate to your skip hire. All the Skip Hire regulations are covered under the Section 139 road traffic regulations act of 1984; section 65. All skips must ensure that they have the permission of the Highway authority for placement, the skip hire regulations enforce a 1000 fine if you fail to do this!

Skip Hire Size and Placement 

A skip may not exceed 5 metres in length by 2 metres in width, while you may have skips smaller than this, they must not be larger. If you require more skip space, the skip hire regulations allow you to place one or more skips along the side of the road as long as they do not obstruct any premises entrance.

When you place skips there are some other factors which must be considered to ensure you comply with skip hire regulations. You must ensure that the skips do not block any surface water drainage, or manhole covers. When you place a skip on the road it is essential that you place traffic cones around the skip to avoid traffic accidents. Ensuring traffic can navigate safely around this skip is an important part of skip hire regulations.

Skip Appearance and Markings

Regulations clearly state that when a skip is placed outside your property the sides which face traffic must be painted yellow and have red and yellow reflective markings placed between 1 Metre and 1.5 Metres above ground level.

The owners of the skip must place their company name and contact number or address in large clear lettering. Failure to do this could result in large fines for the skip owner under skip hire regulations. The skip must be well lit between dusk and dawn each and every day. Skip hire regulations require that each corner of the skip has a danger lamp placed in visible sight. You will also need to place a danger lamp between each cone to prevent any possible traffic accidents.

These skip hire regulations are heavily enforced, and unlit skips will be lit by the council, which will then invoice the skip owners.

 Skip Contents 

The skip hire regulations require that skips are of no danger to those around it. The skip contents must be held securely within the skip so that no contents can escape, or have any inflammable contents which may catch light. The skip must be emptied regularly, no longer than two working days after it has been filled!

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