Property giant EcoHouse Group last week announced that all four of it’s Casa Nova phases, Casa Nova Gold, Casa Nova Garden , Casa Nova Green and Casa Nova Park are now fully invested. The Casa Nova development is situated in North East Brazil and is EcoHouse Group’s second Minha Casa Minha Vida project to launched in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, the first being the hugely popular and successful Arco Iris Development.

Investors in the Casa Nova project are said to be delighted by the news and as one Singaporean investor pointed out; “A development funded to completion is an excellent investment with guaranteed returns”. This news isn’t at all unexpected as EcoHouse Group’s first project ‘Arco Iris’ was also fully invested just a couple of months after launch, Acro Iris was however a smaller development but it’s initial success helped EcoHouse Group’s expansions which recently included the acquisition of Consia Construction, one of North East Brazil’s largest construction companies.

Anyone keen to get in on the action can however still invest in EcoHouse’s Bosque developments with consist of Bosque das Andorinhas, Bosque das Acacias, Bosque dos Buritis, Bosque dos Cedros which collectively create a lavish and secure gated community, with the convenience of an onsite shopping centre, police station, day care centre, school and many more features, including tennis/basketball courts, leisure centre and cycle paths, encouraging health and fitness to its residents.

Within close proximity is EcoHouse Group’s Latest and largest project to date, Recanto do Bosque, comprising of four phases conveniently located in São Gonçalo do Amarante, just 2 kilometres away from the soon to be opened Greater Natal Airport.

EcoHouse’s Bosque developments recently caught the eye of TV property guru Amanda Lamb who said that “One way to benefit from the country’s Minha Casa Minha Vida (My house, My life) social housing scheme is via EcoHouse, a UK developer building properties in the Government-backed Bosque Residencial scheme near Natal.”

Overseas Property development has in the past been a risky investment, with a number scam and ponzi schemes rearing their ugly heads over the years, EcoHouse have however made overseas property investment a safe and secure investment, not just because of the investment structure and Escrow protected funds, but because of EcoHouse Group’s commitment to transparency as we can see through their main website and social media accounts showing regular build updates and information.

Anyone wishing to get in on this amazing investment can contact EcoHouse Group through their main website