EcoHouse Brazil Release New Investor Trip Video

EcoHouse Brazil the Anglo-Brazilian property giant has yet again shown investors why they are the number one property investment company in the world by flying a group of Singaporean investors to Brazil on an all expenses paid trip.

These investor trips, this is the third EcoHouse have put on this year alone are to put investors minds at rest by showing them first hand where their money is invested. Many property investment companies claim to have grand building projects underway throughout the world but most of them only show glossy brochures with artists impressions or pictures generic buildings in the country they are trying to get you to invest in. Most of these projects don’t get off the ground and investors lose their money, which has labeled overseas property investment as a risky area to invest in.

EcoHouse Group changed all this when they began offering investment in the ‘Minha Casa Minha Vida‘ programme, a government funded programme aimed primarily at reducing the massive housing shortage in the country. EcoHouse were accepted into the programme as developers and began raising money to build multiple developments around North East, Brazil.

To satisfy any doubt as to whether their investment was a sound one, EcoHouse began documenting their progress with videos and  photos which they posted to their website and social media pages. In the last 3 years EcoHouse Group have raised millions in investment and have become very well known and respected throughout the world, this success has however, not gone to their heads and they continue to post regular updates and fly many of their high end investors over to Brazil.

Well done EcoHouse for changing the face of overseas property investment.

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2 comments on “EcoHouse Brazil Release New Investor Trip Video
  1. tessa says:

    I totally agree, Well done Ecohouse.. hopfully all of the overseas property investment scam and ponzi companies will climb back under the rocks they came from.

    I had an elderly relative who lost money to a boiler room company offering a property investment that just didnt exist, unfortunatley this was 5 years back before ecohouse and minha casa minha vida.

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