Blog marketing is a lot easier than static website marketing, but is has the same concept plus the ability of automatic and viral marketing. Here are some basic blog marketing tips that can help you increase traffic to your.

1. First and most important is to have a good content posted on your blog, and each new page or blog post you have must be optimized for both readers and search engines.

2. Having an easy to navigate blog theme, let your visitors easily find and read your content and do not stuff your blog with banners and ads or animated features.

3. Write for your niche. Find the group of people that are interested on your topic and write for them, choose the right posts titles, keywords and what kind of information this group is looking for.

4. Submit your RSS feed to any as many feed directories as you can.

5. There are some high traffic blog directories, you can find them through a Google search, these directories still generate some good and high targeted traffic, submit your blog to those directories.

6. Use the power of social networks like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin. And always submit any new content you publish to those social networks. Also use a social sharing plugin to allow your readers to share your content as well.

7. There are some bloggers communities sites online, where bloggers share their blogs and content summary with other bloggers and audience. Join some of them and share your content and make a relationship with some bloggers.

8. One great marketing strategy today after all the Google updates in their search algorithm is video marketing through YouTube, it is a good idea to create some short videos about your blog and post them to YouTube.

9. Building links to your blog and blog posts through article marketing, press release, content sharing and any other good link building strategy you know. Using a link building service is also a good idea to increase your blog popularity and start attracting traffic from search engines. You can see some good SEO tips at and some good services and link building tools and strategies.

10. Finally use the power of forums to attract some traffic from related forums to your blog. Join some related and high traffic forums and interact making relationships and creating an authority for you.

These are the most effective blog marketing tips to generate and increase blog traffic; you can be creative and use some other strategies as long as you know what you are targeting and how you are doing it.