This week property giant EcoHouse Group released more construction update photos from two of their current minha casa minha vida social housing developments in North East Brazil. The developments are Casa Nova Green (Casa Nova Phase 1) and Bosque Arcacias (Bosque Phase 1)  , the photos were released simultaneously on flickr, Facebook and their own corporate website.

The photos, totalling around 40 clearly show construction moving along at a lightening rate, much to the delight of 1000’s of investors from all over the world who have invested fund in either one or both of these developments. The investment structure EcoHouse offer is said to be the most secure short term property investment available today and has been backed by Property Guru Amanda Lamb who said “Overseas investors can’t buy the properties, but they can invest in the construction, injecting £23,000 in the project to be repaid, with a 20% return, within a year. They can then reinvest in the next project or take their money out. The project is structured in the UK and is governed under UK law. And as buyers never transfer title deeds into their name they have no concerns regarding legal processes, taxes or political factors.”

EcoHouse has already completed previous minha casa minha projects including ‘Arco Iris’ which saw investors earn 20% after just 12 short months, however due to EcoHouse’s success with their initial projects and their unprecedented growth to become one of the biggest property developers in Brazil, the company has come under attack by a number of so called investment experts saying that they are expanded too quickly and are taking on more investment than they can handle, and stating that the 12 month return isn’t possible and there is no way they can build so quickly.

Anthony Armstrong-Emery, Chief Executive Officer of EcoHouse Group hit back at these claims and said: “This investment is made possible by some unique determining factors in the niche of social housing in Brazil whereby construction is affordable, build times are fast, profits are strong, demand significantly exceeds supply and therefore investor returns are deliverable.”

Since these unsupported claims surfaced (probably started by some rival developer or investment company) EcoHouse have gone out of their way to put investors minds at rest by holding regular investor get-togethers and by posting construction updates to their own website and to a number of social media sites. This strategy has been very effective and the companies investment base is stronger than ever, building work is moving along at a staggering rate and EcoHouse Group are on track to become the biggest and most profitable real estate company in the world.