Since Minha Casa Minha Vida first launched back in 2009 the programme has gone from strength to strength with new social housing developments launching all over the country, One state in particular ‘Rio Grande do Norte’  has seen more affordable housing developments launch than any other state thanks to Anglo-Brazilian property giant EcoHouse Group. Rumour has it that the company will be moving South into Alagoas with is Bosque developments, whether this rumour is true or not Alagoas is long overdue an influx of affordable homes.

The Brazilian state of Alagoas is one of the smallest in terms of actual size. The area is a bit smaller than 28,000 Km2 (which is about the same as the Republic of Haiti). It’s not very densely populated, there are just short of 3.2 million people currently living in the state.

Alagoas is a coastal territory, bordering on the Atlantic and its capital city is Maceió. The area was originally colonized way back in the seventeenth century when the region was fiercely contested for a while between the Dutch and Portuguese empires before the latter finally won in the 1640’s. The economy (such as it was) was devastated for a while afterwards, because of the fighting and of course the dislocation and escape of many of the slaves who worked in agriculture.

There was another period of great upheaval. In the early nineteenth century this part of Brazil saw an uprising by republicans against the Brazilian Empire regime. After a great deal of turmoil and bloodshed the so-called ‘Confederation of the Equator’ was overcome by the federal forces.In more recent times the mainly agricultural economy has lessened in importance and now represents a smaller share of the state GDP, while still of course being dominant. Within this, crops such as sugar cane are still very important (and constitute more than half the state’s exports) but rice (mainly in the south), corn (maize), tobacco and coconuts (and the derived products of all of these) feature as well. In the Sertão region cattle ranches are significant and make up most of the ‘livestock’ part of the state’s agriculture.

There used to be quite a well developed alcohol industry in Alagoas but this has dwindled in recent years as regards drinks products. On the other hand it’s become increasingly important in the production of new kinds of fuel or as an additive to petrochemical fuel. The state income is further boosted by several oilfields, both on land and offshore. This is not a significant part of the national industry but does provide a very useful percentage of state revenue. In the last few decades tourism has become much more important. This is due to an excellent coastal climate combined with considerable State and municipal investment. The tourist areas are expanding, mainly around the cities of Maragogi and Porto Calvo but in numerous other places throughout the state too.


EcoHouse Brazil are openly involved in a large number of minha casa minha vida projects throughout North East Brazil and offer direct Brazilian Property Investments through their own development company