Award winning international property developer EcoHouse Groups warns current and potential investors about emerging scams and ponzi schemes coming out of Brazil.

EcoHouse Group is an award winning Anglo-Brazilian construction and Investment Company dedicated to bringing and end to poverty and homelessness in the over populated Brazilian urban centres due to an increasing housing shortage for the growing Brazilian middle class. Ecohouse Group have recently been involved in a campaign to increase the awareness of potential scams and ponzi schemes currently coming out of Brazil which are targeted towards the popular Minha Casa Minah Vida social housing programme and other property related business models.

Minha Casa Minha Vida, whish means ‘My House My Life’ In English is a government programme that was specifically launched to reduce the massive housing deficit in the country. EcoHouse are one of a small number of developers who speed up their building process by raising funds through investment rather than going though the long drawn out process of getting funding from the banks.

EcoHouse have been very successful and have already paid out millions to investors over last 3 years. Unfortunately this success has caught the eye of scam and boiler room companies, hell bent on relieving you of your hard earn cash and giving you nothing in return, this has become a thorn in the side for EcoHouse who have had their own investors questioning the validity of the programme and the investment EcoHouse offer.

EcoHouse have publicly reassured investors that they do not partnership with any of the scam and ponzi companies recently exposed and that some of these companies simply mention EcoHouse to convince their victims to invest, a tactic we are seeing more and more as EcoHouse grow as a company and become one of the largest real estate group in North East Brazil .

In a recent online campaign to increase awareness and to put investors minds at ease, EcoHouse have launched – amongst other things – a new Flickr page to showcase their developments and other interests such as retail, hospitality, premium homes and restaurants , the Flickr page is an excellent resource which allows current investors and potential investors the opportunity to follow the build progress on the numerous Minha Casa Minha Vida developments that the company has  underway  throughout North East Brazil as well as numerous  photo sets showing entire social housing projects from start to finish as well as photo sets showing actual investors visiting the sites seeing first hand how their funds are being spent.

Seeing building work, completed projects and actual investors touring the sites is very reassuring for investors as a Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment business based on a nonexistent financial reality or business model that pays returns to its investors from their own money or from the money paid in by new investors, rather than from profit earned by a real business or project. These schemes usually run for a couple of years until they collapse due to investors either drying up or the scheme getting stopped by the authorities.


EcoHouse Brazil are directly involved in a number of minha casa minha vida projects throughout North East Brazil and offer direct Brazilian Property Investments through their own construction company