It’s a job nobody likes or even wants to do, but it’s one of those boring, tedious and time consuming jobs that is a necessity for anyone wanting to increase the lifespan of their timber panel fencing. Of course I’m talking about treating your fence panels each and every year with a good quality preservative or wood stain, as some people refer to it as.

When people talk about ‘staining’ their timber fence panels really they are preserving the wood, the stain part is just added to make your panels look nice and match your current decor or style. Using a good grade of preservative is the key to making your fence panels last for many, many years and there is no reason that a high quality fence panel, if treated each year, cannot last you for ten, twelve years of even longer in some cases. For decades the chemical of choice for wood preservation was creosote, although in it’s raw form creosote is very watery, difficult to apply to ‘installed’ fencing and unfortunately it can be very toxic to plants and animals, therefore it’s popularity has decreased over the years in favour of new more ecological friendly water based products that in fact do a much better job.

Using a high grade preservative such as Tanalith E gives you much better protection than cheaper brands; Tanalith E gives effective long-term protection against both fungal and insect attack and conforms to the new European Standards and individual countries’ national requirements. If applied annually just before the harsh winter months arrive your fence panels will last for many years.

Whilst remembering to treat your fence panels each and every year is very important, it is equally as important to purchase the correct style, grade and type of fence panel in the first place, no amount of maintenance or treatment can prolong the life of cheap, budget fence panels which are cheaply made, flimsy and poorly constructed using sub standard timber and fastenings. So why would anyone use these budget panels in the first place? A housing developer constructing dozens or even hundreds of houses at once will use these budget panels because when first installed they actually look quite good and as fencing isn’t covered by your NHBC warranty the developer isn’t interested in how long these budget fence panels will last you, so after 12 to 18 months – which is the average life span of a budget fence panel – it is then up to the home owner to replace them at their own expense.

Also, if you are moving home and need to simply improve the exterior of you home to help it sell better then it is also advisable to choose budget fencing. Budget fencing will last long enough to allow you to sell your home and as most houses sell during the summer month’s gardens and fencing both place a major role in how your home is perceived by potential buyers.

For those who are more interested in a longer lasting quality, fence panel rather than getting the job done cheaply then I would always advise opting for premium vertical boarded fencing panels which are stronger, thicker and much better made using only the finest quality materials and timber. The only place to buy this grade of fence panel is through a professional fencing manufacturer and supplier and long gone are the days of phone books and business directories so finding a professional fencing manufacturer is a easy as searching the internet, searching fencing Liverpool or fencing Wigan for example will bring up pages of fencing companies for you to choose from.

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