A conservatory is basically a glass house that can be used for a great deal of  purposes. Many residents in the UK love the outward appearance of conservatories and have been able to incorporate conservatories into the designs of their homes.

Because conservatories are constructed out of glass alone, the whole roof and even the walls are completely transparent allowing sunshine in; this has led to conservatories being referred to as sun rooms. This type of construction creates an excellent avenue for enjoying the sun; some home owners have been able to create beautiful indoor plants using the conservatories as greenhouses. Conservatories comes in a number of different designs depending on the preference of the owner and the architectural design. Whichever the design, there are several ways through which the general appearance of a Conservatory can be improved.

One of the materials that are used in the construction of Conservatories is UPVC; this is a plastic material that is increasingly replacing the use of other materials such as wood and metal in construction due to its cost, its light weight nature and durability. UPVC is the abbreviation of Unplasticized Poly-Vinyl Chloride. It is has several uses in construction, and its use has led to the popularity of UPVC Windows.

UPVC Windows are a popular type of window that has their frames constructed out of UPVC instead of wood or aluminum. The PVC can be fashioned to look like wood, and in some cases becomes almost impossible to tell the difference. UPVC Windows is very popular in the UK due to their durable nature since they can withstand extreme weather conditions as compared to wood. Modern designs can be made out of UPVC; more contemporary designers have been able to give their architectural designs a modern feel by use of UPVC Doors. Just like the UPVC Windows, the door frames are equally made out of UPVC.

With modern Double Glazing , the doors and windows are made to have double panes instead of one; the effect of this is increased insulation properties of the doors and windows. This then prevents heat loss during cold seasons therefore making the house warmer reducing the need to constantly use internal heating systems. Double Glazing  is currently being implemented on modern designs. However, double  Glazing can also be applied on older buildings by placing the double glazing frames on the inside part of existing windows.

Conservatories constructed out of UPVC are more durable and boasts of longer life at a much lower cost as compared to conventional construction materials such as metal and wood. UPVC also allows for flexibility in design, this can be seen in the current modern door designs such as French door. Conservatories have gained popularity due to their beauty. Modern building materials such as UPVC have even made their appearance even better.