EcoHouse Group Brazil, Scam or Safe Investment

Promo_2013_thumbSince Ecohouse Group rocketed onto the property investment scene just a couple of years back many 100’s if not 1000’s of people have invested in their minha casa minha vida social housing projects, recently though a couple of forums had anonymous posts claiming that ecohouse was a scam or even a ponzi scheme. There are however 100’s of other forums and blog claiming exactly the opposite, their are even video testimonials available and confirmations from actual investors that they have had their payout in full and on time, So, Is there are truth in the allegations?

As someone with over 15 years in the industry I would say no, of course not, posts are more than likely  from rival investment firms, disgruntled employees or are simply from internet trolls. The investment period is 12 months and its 4 years in, so where are all the unpaid investors screaming for their money back? Have they all got together to post a few anonymous posts to a couple of amateur looking blogs? i hardly think so….

So is investing with property giant ecohouse group a safe investment? well speaking from experience there are no totally safe investments, as we have seen over the past few years especially during the worldwide recession, any company can go under without warning, thing is when it’s a company holding millions of pound of investors money there are more losers that there are when most other companies fold where there are just employees, creditors and suppliers.

Many Companies that collapse unexpectedly ( the ones that hit the news anyway) are usually large well know companies, that have been around for years, everyone assumes they are strong well off companies and give them lines of credit worth millions, their bank lets them operate in the red for years, executives take millions in bonuses even though the company it struggling which all leads to their demise.

Ecohouse group however is a relatively new company; sure their CEO Anthony Armstrong Emery has been in the real estate industry for years but Ecohouse was found in 2009, what this means to potential investors is that they are definitely operating in the black and their amazing growth from nowhere into one of the top property developers in South America in under 5 years just goes to show how successful their business model is.

What i like about ecohouse is their totally transparency, most companies offering real estate investments are very vauge about where the location of the investment is, and can only show you artists impressions, even though they claim building work has commenced, ecohouse on the other hand post regular construction update videos and photos to flickr and their company website, hold regular investor meetings and if your a multiple unit investor even fly you over to Brazil to see construction first hand.

Ecohouse hold all investor’s funds in a lawyer controlled escrow account so they these monies can only be used for construction and not to line executive’s pockets, all in all I would say that the ecohouse minha casa minh avida investment is the safest overseas property project you can invest in, hands down.

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20 comments on “EcoHouse Group Brazil, Scam or Safe Investment
  1. Paolo D says:

    Really informative article, A friend of mine invested with ecohouse 6 months ago I was on the fence due to the scam allegations, but this article has really helped to satisfy me that the comments posted last month on a property forum were just nonsense…

  2. limm says:

    I totally agree, you just need to take a step back and use some common sense, it’s not the 1920’s ( Charles Ponzi Era) you couldnt keep a scam of this scale quite… like the article says, it’s 4 years in, and before anyone says ‘a ponzi scheme pays new investors from old investors money’ look and the developments already built and the one’s now under construction…do some reasearch on ecohouse, the number of staff, projects, money they give to charity, restaurnants they own, commercial property they build also, etc, etc…. ponzi schemes are run by a handful of people from boiler rooms..

  3. Claire says:

    It’s a scam…..

    • limm says:

      What a compelling argument Claire, where did you gather all this information that you have just posted to hold up your comment?

      • Richard Kendle says:

        lol….It’s because trolls like claire have very limited brain functions… she probably saw this written somewhere else then cut and pasted it here.. monkey see, monkey do……

  4. Kishore M says:

    I’m an actual EcoHouse investor, have been for a number of years, and i have been paid out twice and I’m currently waiting for my third payout.. then I’m investing again… I found the amateurish forum that posted the bad comments about ecohouse ( don’t want to give the URL out as I don’t want it to get traffic) and i posted my own comments giving facts and defending ecohouse.. my first post was accepted, but, then my next few never made it on.. now i have notice someone else posting in my name giving negative comments…

    looks like the whole thing is run by no more than 2 or 3 rivals trying to give ecohouse a bad name and label ecohouse as a scam.. well it isn’t..

    Wish I had never posted to it, can’t believe they are create fake posts from me in an effort to discredit ecohouse..

    It’s obvious really that its a fake forum, 100’s of blogs/forums on the internet praising ecohouse but containing one or two comment from people simple ‘not sure’ and asking legitimate questions, sometime answered by ecohouse staff… then 1 lone blog with ONLY negative comments…


    • zim oscar says:

      hi Kishore, don’t mind sharing the name of the project which you were paid out, so we can also confirm about the truth of bad comments

  5. Phoenix says:

    And this blog only has positive comments ….hmmmmmm

    • apexadmin says:

      OK, I have let this comment go live, but not the other 6 you tried to post under different names but using the same IP, then you tried again from behind a proxy.. looks like Kishore M’s suspicions are correct..

      I will let any constructive comment go live, after all this is a discussion forum… but you tried to falsely manipulate the theme of this discussion by posting a series of fake negative comments containing false info from fake made up people….

      Not here mate……

  6. jen33 says:

    I’m also in my 2nd year as an Ecohouse investor… i get regular updates, can look at the company website, flickr, facebook etc and see regular updates, why would anyone think it was a scam?

    I doubt if any of the naysayers have invested in anything in their lives…

    • Cansas Mike says:

      I agree, the naysayers ( lol havent heard that word in ages) probably don’t have the funds to invest, are from rival companies or are simply trolls, well, dont invest, more opportunities for the rest of us…

      FYI when its a scam or ponzi scheme nothing is ever built, jesus do some research…..

  7. D Wong says:

    I know the blog this article refers to, i tried to comment on it but it is one sided and only accepts negative comments, It’s run by a guy called John Clare (i think) after numerous attempts to post facts he sent me a rude nasty email… this was part of his last email, “I dont give a damn about the company or its deals. Tough shit!”

    • johnbarns says:

      this is him, he’s a real dougebag just goes around bad mouthing stuff , 31 twitter followers yet claims to have 100’s of people commenting on his anti-ecohouse blog….. you can be sure everything you read on his blog is lie posted by him

      • JamieW says:

        Ha Ha, yes your correct.. proves he is just commenting on his own blog….compare this to ecohouse twitter followers of 19K

        I recently bumped into an ecohouse agant at a property show and asked about this guy.. he new nothing about him, i assume the company does but coinsider him just a tool not worth bothering about….

      • gomez the cat says:

        Yes what’s this guys problem…someone sent me a link to his blog when i said i was investing with ecohouse…I assume he is a ex-employee, can’t believe ecohouse group hasnt sued his ass… obviously one negative blog amongst 100’s of postive blogs, websites and news stories ‘some from big publications) isnt going to effect a company like ecohouse group… you can see he’s commenting on his own comments, same grammar, same terms, same spelling mistakes… it was actually quite funny to read… obviously had a poor education..

    • Tam67 says:

      Yes, it’s true, the blog in question either only accepts negative comments or all comment are false and written by the blog owner. As an ecohouse investor I tried to post to clear things up, yes there have been delays, but delays where out of ecohouse’s control, bank strick, material delays, etc, but everyone has been paid out, no one has been scammed… dont know why ecohouse don’t sue this guy…

  8. chunny says:

    I believe some investors kicked off because the Brazil bank strikes caused payout delays, this John Clare guy threw fuel on the fire in an effort to establish his own blog. That’s the thing about the investment ecohouse offer, it’s open to novice and first time investors who simply don’t know enough about investing and that sometime delays are inevitable…

    I myself have invested a number of times, and yes my last payout was delayed, but I have spoke direct to ecohouse on a number of occasions, and was happy with my findings, and what do you know, this morning i got an email from ecohouse confirming my payout… happy days. Accusations about ecohouse scamming people are totally unfounded, and are simply being fuelled by this Clare guy.

  9. David Wong says:

    ecohouse group posted a statement online saying that payouts were underway.. seems that either only investors in singapore where experiencing delays or that they were the only ones kicking off..

  10. Greg Howell says:

    All the negative stuff is from a few people in Singapore, who are being coerced into kicking up a fuss by some amateur blogger called John Clare ( look him up, he’s a tool) and a few of his followers, all because a few payouts were late…

    This is investing, nothing is guaranteed, it’s like buying a house and then complaining to the developers when you’re stuck in negative equity, or trying to sue them because the person buying your home can’t get a mortgage and your own move is delayed, it’s ridiculous, Singaporeans must have a very limited knowledge and understanding as to what an investment is, all investments are risky, but to be honest the ecohouse minha casa minha vida investment doesn’t really come with any, there is a waiting list for social housing, ecohouse are building some of the highest quality social housing units there are, so construction wasn’t completed on-time, what a surprise, like all the World Cup/Olympic Stations have been completed on time!!!, Fact is they WILL be completed, they will be sold and the investor will get their return.

    Bottom line is…. if you can’t factor in repayment delays when investing in things such as new build property then you shouldn’t really be investing.

    If you can’t afford to wait for your payment due to banking , currency, red tape and other delay’s, you shouldn’t be investing.

    If your going to let amateur blogger (who seems to have an axe to grind with the developer )wind you up and coerce you into kicking up a fuss, you shouldn’t be investing.

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