Promo_2013_thumbSince Ecohouse Group rocketed onto the property investment scene just a couple of years back many 100’s if not 1000’s of people have invested in their minha casa minha vida social housing projects, recently though a couple of forums had anonymous posts claiming that ecohouse was a scam or even a ponzi scheme. There are however 100’s of other forums and blog claiming exactly the opposite, their are even video testimonials available and confirmations from actual investors that they have had their payout in full and on time, So, Is there are truth in the allegations?

As someone with over 15 years in the industry I would say no, of course not, posts are more than likely  from rival investment firms, disgruntled employees or are simply from internet trolls. The investment period is 12 months and its 4 years in, so where are all the unpaid investors screaming for their money back? Have they all got together to post a few anonymous posts to a couple of amateur looking blogs? i hardly think so….

So is investing with property giant ecohouse group a safe investment? well speaking from experience there are no totally safe investments, as we have seen over the past few years especially during the worldwide recession, any company can go under without warning, thing is when it’s a company holding millions of pound of investors money there are more losers that there are when most other companies fold where there are just employees, creditors and suppliers.

Many Companies that collapse unexpectedly ( the ones that hit the news anyway) are usually large well know companies, that have been around for years, everyone assumes they are strong well off companies and give them lines of credit worth millions, their bank lets them operate in the red for years, executives take millions in bonuses even though the company it struggling which all leads to their demise.

Ecohouse group however is a relatively new company; sure their CEO Anthony Armstrong Emery has been in the real estate industry for years but Ecohouse was found in 2009, what this means to potential investors is that they are definitely operating in the black and their amazing growth from nowhere into one of the top property developers in South America in under 5 years just goes to show how successful their business model is.

What i like about ecohouse is their totally transparency, most companies offering real estate investments are very vauge about where the location of the investment is, and can only show you artists impressions, even though they claim building work has commenced, ecohouse on the other hand post regular construction update videos and photos to flickr and their company website, hold regular investor meetings and if your a multiple unit investor even fly you over to Brazil to see construction first hand.

Ecohouse hold all investor’s funds in a lawyer controlled escrow account so they these monies can only be used for construction and not to line executive’s pockets, all in all I would say that the ecohouse minha casa minh avida investment is the safest overseas property project you can invest in, hands down.