With the summer months finally out of the way and winter looming over us once again, it’s now time to prepare your timber panel fencing for the harsh winter weather ahead. Bad weather, rain, snow, sleet, hail and strong winds can rot or damage your panel fencing which can lead to you having to replace them well before their time. There are, however a number of ways of extending the lifespan of your panel fencing.

Following this set of simply rules can not only one save you time but can actually save you a lot of money in the long term? Rule 1 is very, very simply, buy a quality fencing panel in the first place, it is very tempting to go to your local garden centre or DIY chain and pick up a pile of cheap, budget fence panels but they are called budget panels for a reason, they are made at a cost using thin, pliable timber better suited for internal projects where sturdiness is not a factor, they are put together ‘untreated’ using low quality nails which all results in a poorly construction panel and in thin so it rattles in the wind, untreated nails speed up the deterioration of the timber and the lack of a good quality preservation speeds this up even more resulting in a panel that will only last a year or two at most.

Whilst some garden centre and DIY chains do stock a more expensive, premium fencing panel it is always better to go to a professional fencing company for advice, they will advise you of the panels that are best for you. Premium fence panels purchased from a professional fencing company will be most definitely be made from a better grade of timber, timber that is more sturdy, less flexible and a good deal thicker, meaning it will fit more snugly between your fence posts, eliminating rattling and preventing damage to not only the fence panel itself but to you property by reducing the possibility of a blow-out during storms and high winds. A professional fencing company also treats each piece of timber with a high grade preservative before assembly as opposed to after assembly and uses galvanised nails that wont rust and react with the timber.

Once purchased and erected, either by the fencing company or you, depending on the company and costs, it is up to you to look after your fence panels so that they last as long as possible. Whilst budget fencing only lasts a couple of years, premium fencing can last 10, 12 years of more if looked after, so 5 times as long even though premium fence panels do not cost 5 times as much.
To look after your fence panels and extend their lifespan always give them a good coating of a high quality preservative after each summer, around September/October time, this will protect them through the harsh winter months and be sure to do both sides of the fence as most people only treat the side of the fence facing inwards so the panels still rot.

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