Recently the Brazilian people have been protesting over the slow rate at which the government initiated social reform programme is happening.  Dilma’s government is now well into its third term in office, with re-elections occurring based on the promised improvements to the infrastructure of the country including the provision of eight million more affordable homes over the coming years. With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympics in the offing the country is poised on the edge of a period of huge potential economic growth, with tourism likely to bring large amounts of money into the country. Prestigious sporting events such as the football World Cup and the Olympics attract investors from across the globe looking to assist in improving the infrastructure of the host country and cash in on both the financial gains to be made and the associated publicity. While plans are underway to make much needed improvements the Brazilian public are demanding that things move more quickly to meet the housing and transport demands of local residents sooner rather than later.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has continued with the Minha casa minha vida Brazil social housing project set up by her predecessor, which aims to provide the eight million homes needed across the country and allow low to middle income families an opportunity to get on the property ladder. Construction of many of these homes has been outsourced to developers such as the global company EcoHouse Brazil, who alone have plans to construct thousands of homes in the coming year. By outsourcing the work to private companies the construction can be funded by foreign and national investors, who will then receive a return on their investment once building work is completed and houses sold to the public at a price set by the government. The Minha casa minha vida has been in operation since 2009 and has proven extremely popular, so far being responsible for the building of three million homes housing some ten million people.

Anglo Brazilian property giant EcoHouse Brazil recently commented on the protests, releasing a statement which outlined plans for new Minha casa minha vida housing builds throughout the country and emphasised that they believed the demands of the public for faster reform would be met, pointing out the pro-active response of the government to date. The largest and most recent EcoHouse Brazil  development includes an on-site primary school for residents.